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Fleet Excess Protect
Fleet Excess Insurance

How does it work?

Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions, the Insurer will pay to you in each relevant period of insurance, an amount equal to the amount of the excess in relation to each settled claim on your fleet insurance policy up to your cover level in respect of claims arising as a result of fire, theft, flood, vandalism, or an accident that was partially or fully your fault, or partially or fully the fault of a named/authorised driver, or where within 6 months you are unable to recover your excess from a liable third party.

How it Works?

You have to select the amount of cover you require for the year. The options available to you for a 12 month policy are:

  • Annual Cover – £1000 = £210 – Max Drivers 5
  • Annual Cover £3000 = £330 – Max Drivers 10
  • Annual Cover £5000 = £480 – Max Drivers 15
  • Annual Cover £6500 =  £620 – Max Drivers 20

Prices are inclusive of IPT (Insurance Premium Tax)

What’s Covered

What vehicles are eligible for cover under this policy?
Vehicles used on a personal or a commercial basis and insured on a fleet insurance policy in the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

What Is Not Covered (Exclusions)

This policy does not cover or apply to:

  • Any excess in respect of any claim under your fleet insurance policy that your motor insurer declines or any case where no claim is brought under your fleet insurance policy because the value of such claim would not exceed the excess payable by you under your fleet insurance policy.
  • Any excess in respect of any claim which occurred prior to the commencement date of this policy as shown on your certificate of insurance.
  • Any contribution to or deduction from the settlement of your fleet insurance policy claim other than the excess.
  • Where any third party has reimbursed you and made good your excess.
  • Any liability you accept by agreement or contract, unless you would have been liable anyway.
  • Any excess in respect of any claim under your fleet insurance policy solely in respect of glass repair or replacement;

If for some reason you feel that more clarification is needed then please call us on 0870 474 0148

For a complete breakdown of Exclusions and Benefits then please refer to this products Fey Facts and Policy Wording documentation.

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