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Excess Cover Levels

Benefits – Exclusions – Documentation

Product Summary

Home Excess Protect (Buildings & Contents Excess Insurance)

Excess Protection Insurance provides consumers with peace of mind. This innovative solution reimburses your excess payments on your buildings and contents insurance policy, which means if you are unfortunate enough to have to claim then your excess protection insurance will cover you (Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions).


For example imagine if you spilt red wine on your lovely new cream carpet. If the replacement cost was £529 with a £300 excess, your insurers would settle the claim for £229 and your Excess Protection policy would reimburse you the £300 excess, ensuring you are not left out of pocket.(subject to terms and conditions).

How it Works?

You have to select the amount of cover you require for the year. The options available to you for a 12 month policy are:

  • Annual Cover – £150 = £18
  • Annual Cover £300 = £22
  • Annual Cover £500 = £28
  • Annual Cover £750 = £35
  • Annual Cover £100 = £44

Prices are inclusive of IPT (Insurance Premium Tax)

There is no limit to the number of claims you can make in a year, however you cannot exceed your annual cover limit.

So for example, if you have an excess of £300 on your buildings and contents insurance and you have only selected a £300 annual cover limit, then you can only claim the once.

If you’d selected the £1,000 annual cover limit then you could claim your £300 excess back three times, and we would still contribute the balance of £100 if you had to claim a fourth time.

Once your claim is settled by your buildings and contents insurer, you can then claim on Excess Protection – simply call the claims number or visit the claims website (details of which are provided in the key facts and the policy wording)

What’s Covered

Some of What’s covered?
Please refer to the full policy wording below for complete clarification on what eventualities are covered

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess applicable under your home insurance policy for which you are responsible following the successful settlement of a physical damage claim arising as a result of accidental damage, fire, theft or vandalism.

  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire

Just remember to check what excesses you are liable for within your buildings and contents insurance before purchasing Excess Protection Insurance

For a complete breakdown of Exclusions and Benefits then please refer to this products Fey Facts and Policy Wording documentation.

Save Money!

Save even more money

If you opt for a higher excess on your Buildings and Contents insurance policy and you protect it with Excess Protection, you might be able to bring your home insurance premium down, saving you even more money. Whether this action would prove to be worthwhile we dont know, Insurance companies often differ so check out all possible scenarios when talking to an insurance company.

Don’t forget though, that the higher the excess you have on your buildings and contents insurance, the higher the cost of the claim would need to be before your insurer will deal with the claim, and you cannot claim on Excess Protection if you cannot claim on your buildings and contents insurance.

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