Broker Portal – How It All Works!

What is a Broker Portal?

The Goodbye Excess Broker Portal is in simple terms just an Insurance Policy Schedule Generator. It’s a facility that in some instances makes life easier for our Insurance Broker partners. It can if used correctly reduce your workload considerably.

How does it work?

The process could not be simpler. All an Agent has to do is login, choose the product they wish to create a policy for, fill out the form fields with all the relevant information and then click the “Generate Policy” button. That’s it, you’re done! Don’t forget to input your unique Verification Code first otherwise the cover level fields will stay hidden.

The Portal will then take the information you have inputted and create a Policy Schedule based on that information. Once completed the Portal will then re-direct you to a Downloads Page where you can download your Policy Schedule, Key Facts and Policy Wording documentation.

All actions are logged with each Brokerage being billed accordingly subject to the terms and conditions of their TOBA.

Should you experience any difficulty with this Portal then please call 0870 474 0148

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